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How do I upload a file to smino?

Note: To upload files, you must have write permissions to the folder.

=> Rights management of the organization folders in files
=> Rights management and creation of the project folders

Click Files (1.) and select whether you want to upload the file under Plans / Models or under Documents (2.). Then select the Folder (3.) where you want to upload the file.

Note: You cannot upload plans/models or documents to the main project folder or the main organization folder. First create a subfolder.

Next, click the + Add button (1.) and then click Upload file (2.).

A new window will open. You can drag and drop the file into the box or click select to open your file manager.

The selected file (1.) will be displayed. You can optionally enter a note. To do this, click + Note (2.). Afterwards you can add the file by clicking the Upload button (3.).

If you want to deposit a note and click + Note, a window will open. Enter your note in the field (yellow highlighted area) and then click the Save button.

Once you have uploaded the file, it will show you the file as Saved (yellow highlighted area). Click the Next button to complete the process.

Updated on: 22/09/2023

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